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New Irth Retreat

Osa Peninsula

  • 10 nights on the Osa Peninsula.

  • 2 distinct mountain and beach locations.

  • Full relaxation and adventure retreat in idyllic settings.

  • Perfect to see in the first full moon of 2022


This 10-night adventure has taken all of our favorite parts of the Osa Peninsula and put them into one incredible retreat that will leave you refreshed, revitalized and utterly amazed by this magical location in one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. You will travel to 2 distinct locations to experience the best of this incredible rainforest habitat, and will therefore enjoy staying in both a coast and mountain lodge and immerse yourself in the scenery and wildlife that surrounds them!


Your adventure starts in the country’s capital, San Jose, where you will get to soak up the city vibes for a night before heading out into the more remote areas of Costa Rica. You will have the chance to visit some awesome cultural and historic sites, like the Pre-Colombian Gold Museum, the bustling Mercado Central, and the lively bars and restaurants in Barrio Escalante.

The Osa Peninsula was named one of the most biodiverse places on the planet by National Geographic, and it will become crystal clear why this is as soon as you arrive. Howler monkeys roaring in the surrounding rainforest, scarlet macaws chattering while they have breakfast in the almond trees, and small mammals scurrying around in the leaf litter below. This really is a tropical paradise, and an untouched natural world just waiting to be explored. If you think that 9 nights won’t be enough, check out our extended Osa package for a 12-night expedition that includes an overnight stay inside the Corcovado National Park!

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hotel accommodations you will experience!


The New Irth Retreat includes:

  • All domestic travel (domestic flights and shuttles/taxis) from the international airport to every one of your Irth Tours trip destinations.

  • Three delicious meals a day.

  • All accommodation at our incredible selection of lodges.

  • Irth Tours support throughout your trip for a smooth, enjoyable experience.  

  • 5% contribution to the Irth Foundation


The New Irth Retreat does not include:

  • International flights and travel to Costa Rica

  • Additional activities (see our add-on options for this trip!)

  • Personal medical insurance


All forms of outdoor recreation have a higher level of risk than most ordinary activities, and therefore can be potentially hazardous and/or dangerous. This includes hiking/walking trails and especially off-trail adventure hiking. Risk is always a factor in hiking and off-trail adventure hiking, especially when weather is adverse or unpredictable, or when unforeseen events or conditions create a hazardous condition. There are many risks, both natural and/or man-made, that could lead to injury or death while hiking, especially while off-trail adventure hiking.

For these reasons, it is the responsibility of our guests to learn the necessary skills for safe hiking and off-trail adventure hiking. All participants must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety, exercise sound judgment, be prepared for all conditions, and seek advice on current weather and current trail conditions. These conditions change from day to day, and from season to season.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

New Irth retreat

New Irt Tour

These "add-on" experiences are optional and available on the New Irth Retreat. Visit each one to learn more and add it to your tour!

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