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Customize Your Tour

If you didn’t manage to find your dream trip in our selection of pre-set routes, we are also able to put together a Custom Tour for you and your group. This option may be useful if you have specific places that you wish to visit that are not included as part of our pre-set routes, or if you would like to have more exclusive options such as charter flights, private accommodation or an in-house chef.


At Irth Tours we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and  have an excellent network of Costa Rican hotels and experience providers that will enable us to put together your dream package. Contact us directly to discuss the specifics and to receive a quote for your Custom Tour. 



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All forms of outdoor recreation have a higher level of risk than most ordinary activities, and therefore can be potentially hazardous and/or dangerous. This includes hiking/walking trails and especially off-trail adventure hiking. Risk is always a factor in hiking and off-trail adventure hiking, especially when weather is adverse or unpredictable, or when unforeseen events or conditions create a hazardous condition. There are many risks, both natural and/or man-made, that could lead to injury or death while hiking, especially while off-trail adventure hiking.

For these reasons, it is the responsibility of our guests to learn the necessary skills for safe hiking and off-trail adventure hiking. All participants must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety, exercise sound judgment, be prepared for all conditions, and seek advice on current weather and current trail conditions. These conditions change from day to day, and from season to season.

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