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Irth Foundation

Giving Back is Deeply Rooted in Our Purpose

At Irth Tours our mission is to provide our customers with unique and life changing experiences in Costa Rica, while also ensuring that we are giving back and supporting the sustainable development of this incredible country. We always knew we didn’t want to be just any old travel company, and we want to ensure that our trips inspire people to live with a little more ‘pura vida’ and leave with a greater understanding of what sustainable living really means.

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The Irth Foundation is our response to a rapidly changing planet, where conservation is no longer a privilege but an obligation. Since 2000, nearly 2 million square km of wild and undeveloped land has been lost to conversion for agriculture. In less than 50 years we have evidenced a 68% loss in global species. These are catastrophic figures that show the rapid loss of biodiversity, which ultimately is fundamental to human existence.

While this has all been going on across the globe, Costa Rica has actually managed to reverse some of the damage done to its forest cover during the 1980s as a result of focused and ambitious conservation efforts taking the total cover from just 21% to over 52% in less than 25 years.  This tiny country covers just 0.03% of the Earth’s surface but holds an incredible 5% of the global biodiversity. Costa Rica continues to be a pioneer in sustainable development, and Irth Tours wants to support them in this venture.

To match the 5% of biodiversity found in Costa Rica, Irth Tours will be donating 5% of the profit from all of our trips to the Irth Foundation that will provide much-needed funding to projects focusing on conservation, education, and regenerative agriculture. 

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You can rest assured that when you book your trip with Irth Tours you’re not just experiencing Costa Rica, but actually helping to conserve it!

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