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Your comfort, well-being, and safety is our first priority

Your safety is our first priority.  We have very carefully picked only the best and safest transportation, locations, lodges, and Tour Operators for your travel with us. All of Irth Tours' partners are well-vetted with impeccable standards and provide safe environments in every situation. You can rest assured that any adventure you embark upon with one of our trusted Tour Operators, all protocols and standards will not only be met but will be surpassed. Irth Tours is always available should any emergency arise during your entire adventure.

Partnerships: We work closely with Medical Professionals and Medical Centers throughout Costa Rica. If you need any medical assistance on one of our tours, you can rest assured that Medical Professionals are on standby to assist if need be. These are trusted medical professionals that are in each town that you’ll be visiting during your tour. These professionals are well established with great relationships within their communities. Your Tour Host and Tour Director will have these contacts in the event of needing medical assistance.

Insurance: Irth Tours works exclusively with INS National Insurance Company. INS was established In 1920, and is the longest and most reputable insurance company in Costa Rica. Irth Tours carries extra Insurance to cover tour hosts and the schools that we partner with.

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