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Life-Changing Costa Rica Trip with Irth Tours

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

My trip to Costa Rica was absolutely amazing!!! It was a life-changing experience to say the least! The country has so much to offer! I was able to spend most of my trip near the beach where I learned how to surf. During this trip, I fell in love with being in the water and I found that I just wanted to surf all the time! Sometimes I would see sea turtles right next to me in the water!

When I wasn’t surfing, I was going on beautiful hikes through the jungle. My favorite hike went through a river that led to a beautiful waterfall! After the long hike, I took a swim in the water to cool off and drank some fresh coconut water from a coco I found on the beach. This place has the best tasting fruit I have ever had! It is all grown in the country and tastes so fresh and sweet!

One thing that amazed me was how incredibly biodiverse this country is! Every morning, I woke up to the sound of all sorts of animals, the loudest were the geckos, scarlet macaws, and howler monkeys! I quickly learned that sleeping in late is not really an option. However, I easily adjusted to this by going to sleep earlier and filling my day with activities so that by the time it was dark (around 6 p.m.) I was more than ready to fall asleep for the night. Most nights were incredibly peaceful as the sounds of the rain and animals were basically like a built-in natural sound maker.

Another highlight of my trip was the boat tour! I went on a boat with a few friends who I met in the country. We went across the bay from Puerto Jimenez to Golfito. It was such a cool experience, we got to check out a world renowned surf spot called Pavones. It’s one of the longest left-side waves in the whole world! We also went down a wide river and picked fresh guavas off of trees on the river bank. They were so delicious! On the way back we saw a huge pod of hundreds of dolphins! They were swimming right next to our boat. We even jumped into the ocean and could hear their sounds underwater. It was incredible!

Before going to Costa Rica, I was very into yoga and meditation. I found so much more peace and connection with nature in the environment of this country. I took a couple of yoga classes led by locals and I really enjoyed the whole dynamic. The class was filled with like-minded people who were all incredibly welcoming to me. The class was great for all levels as the teacher gave several variations and modifications to all the poses. I also found several amazing locations on my own where I did my own practice.

Overall, my trip to Costa Rica was better than I could have ever expected. I saw tons of pictures and videos before I came, but seeing it in person was a whole different experience. This place is so special, it’s unlike anywhere I have ever been before. Right after I left, all I can think about is when I can go back! If anyone is looking to travel somewhere, move Costa Rica to the top of your list, you won’t regret it!

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