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Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony

Organize a heart-opening cacao ceremony for your retreat or group holiday, and connect with this wonderful plant in a beautiful setting. You will be provided with an organic local cacao beverage that will allow you to connect with the cacao in its purest form. The ceremony facilitators will share prayers, songs and other healing sounds to celebrate the cacao plant!

  • Available on the Following Irth Tours

    Jaguar, Toucan, Beach Yoga, Osa Surf, Mountain Yoga, Sloth

  • Minimum Group Size

    The baseline price is up to 5 participants, then an extra cost per person with a max of 25 people.

  • Location

    Can be held at various locations on the different tour routes.

  • What to Bring?

    Clothes that you are comfortable sitting in ceremony with. White clothing is sometimes preferred where possible.

PriceFrom $160.00
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