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Parasailing off of the back of the boat over the Pacific ocean is one of those moments in life that you will never forget! You will get an incredible bird’s eye view of the Manuel Antonio coastline from up to 600ft above the water. You can have the option to take off from the beach, where you will take just a few steps before being pulled into the air, or the Winch Boat option where you will take off from and land on a specially designed boat platform. The latter option is good for those that don’t want to get wet!


You can choose to have either 15 minute (Regular) or 30 minutes (Luxury) of air time with the beach parasailing option, and either 1, 2 or 3 people can go up at the same time. For the Winch Boat option your flying time is around 8-12 minutes.

    PriceFrom $102.00
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